BMW 335d (2015) 362 PS
May 4, 2018
June 17, 2020
After a few years long sleep in our garage our VW Golf MK2 2.0 Bi-TDI 4Motion has been pulled out of the garage again.

On 24th March (Sunday), within The Most Autoshow action, we have tested the car on the circuit. Michael called Boudič as an experienced pilot, took some co-drivers from the row of our fans and supporters. Two turbos under the hood have been spinning all the day and the passengers enjoyed the ride a lot.
Besides the golf we drove our two petrol Skodas which have been already tuned by us. The first, black pre-facelift Octavia RS (stock power 162 kW), boosted to 280 kW, driven some test laps in the afternoon. The second, white facelift RS245 (stock power 180 kW), boosted to 222 kW (next stage comes soon), has been driven by Richard for all the day under the full throttle overtaking a lot of really strong cars like Mitsubishi Evo or Ford Mustang.

We have enjoyed the ride and look forward to another nice action to meet you.

Thank you, DIESELPOWER team

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  1. Steve Murphy says:

    Cayenne diesel U.S. spec

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