Do you need, or want, to change power/torque or other settings of your car?

The most of the time you prefer economy drive regardless reaction, but there are days you need maximum power and torque?

Or you plan to visit a car repair workshop and do not want anybody to find your tuning out? Want to make your ECU stock/original and do not want to visit your tuner each time you decide to change the settings to original or tuning?

Or your car is used by serveral people and you do not want to let anybody drive the car like you - in sport or aggressive mode?

If "YES" is answer to any of these questions then iFlash is the right choice for you. We have a solution which changes the mind of people and rapidly changes the world of tuning!

It is very easy. Choose one of the prepared calibrations (map settings), program using your laptop, and drive. Whole procedure takes max 15 minutes.

We are able to cover the most of the commonly used ECUs of VAG cars with diesel engines in the market and we continue in our hard work to fill the missing communication protocols! Our development effort goes further to support as many VAG cars as we could (including petrol cars).

Check our web catalog to find your car and see whether it is supported by iFlash. If you can not find iFlash logo at your car's sheet do not be disappointed and do not hesitate to contact us. Send us VIN of your vehicle and we will check if it is possible to use iFlash too.